Beat To Your Own Drum! New In-Person Group

Join Ashley on Wednesdays in-person at Robin’s Hope starting 9/1 from 4-5 PM EST for Beat To Your Own Drum! Robin’s Hope has drums to share.

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Rhythmic music has been shown to impact areas of the brain closely that are connected to movement, emotional memory, and impulse control. This is due to the fact that brainstem neurons have been shown to fire synchronously with the tempo of the beat. There are theories that music may modulate a range of brainstem-mediated areas such as our heartbeat rate and blood pressure levels which can assist with regulation of stress. Moreover, an individual’s earliest encounter with rhythm is in the womb. The heartbeat in the womb presented a comforting effect that led to a reduction in stress and promoted relaxation. The rhythmic configurations of the drums in the group could be translated into the rhythmic patterns of the heartbeat, leading to similar effects the heartbeat of a mother produces. 

We are rhythmic creatures! We have our own patterns, habits, and tempos that drive our everyday lives. Beat To Your Own Drum group will emphasize just that! The group will be exploring:

  • Rhythms that are healthy
  • Rhythms that are dangerous
  • Rhythms of strength
  • Rhythms of stress and anxiety
  • Rhythms that are in balance with one another
  • Rhythms of comfort
  • Rhythms of communication

Beat To Your Own Drum will be conducted on Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. and will focus on topics related to rhythms and techniques, communication, boundaries, identity, balance, and hope. 

Group Information

Name: Beat To Your Own Drum
Days: Wednesdays (In-Person)
Time: 4-5 PM EST

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