A huge shout out from the healing heard

Llama Fact – Llamas are often used as guard animals to protect sheep and goats from coyotes. One llama in the pasture will “bond” with the sheep or goats and charge a coyote head first to chase them away. If they catch the coyote, they will roll them with their head, and try to trample them with their front feet.

Taken from – https://rojothellama.com/llama-fun-facts/


We’re not saying that our members/participants/donors are animals.  Those who donate and support what we do at Robin’s Hope allows us to maintain the space and allow groups that are free to the individual so that the hope, healing, and connection can happen. 

Do you know you have a typo? It’s herd, not heard.  Yes, we know this and it’s that way for a reason.  One of our members and volunteers came up with this.  Our groups are all about being heard.  It’s not about fixing, it’s about truly hearing one another day to day.  The people listed here are a big part of making that happen.


We appreciate all the support we get.  These individuals and organizations were able to support Robin’s Hope to make that happen to a level of $500 or more. 


Thank you for your support.

Nina Beaman

Peggy Jacobson

Michelle Lingus

Candy Melaney

Kelley Rafferty

Russell and Christy Traner

Cindie Reilly

Tom & Penny Kell

Larry Harcum

CWA Women’s Committee & Verizon

Acadia Healthcare

United Healthcare

Pipehitters Union Motorcycle Club

Serenity Counseling of Virginia

Newport Academy

Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services

Office of Recovery Services

Behavioral Health Equity

Office of Multicultural Affairs