Become a Monthly Supporter or Make a One Time Gift

All donations are used to meet program needs. Our needs include supplies for groups, funds to meet rent and salary commitments, and technology costs to fuel our virtual program. Thank you for investing in the “Healing Herd,” named for our participants who feel heard and connected as they focus on the healing made possible by those that invest in our program. Our larger investors are known as “Llama Donors” as they, like our mascot trauma llama, surround our program protectively to create safety.

Donate through Birdies for Charity to add 10% to your gift.


Visit the link below to help us out.


  1. Log into your account.
  2. Search for Robin’s Hope by name or Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Number WC289
  3. Click Enroll
  4. Use your card or phone number
  5. Each purchase you make counts


Log into your Amazon account.Add Jeremiah Foundation, Inc. as a Non-Profit

Purchase from various stores online and support

Online purchases outside of Amazon, Gift Cards, etc.

  1. Download the app “FlipGive”
  2. Sign up
  3. Click on Account Settings (click the 3 bars on the top left)
  4. My Team or switch team and look for Robin’s Hope or use code D4PEIF


Walk & Support

  1. Install the App on your phone
  2. Sign Up
  3. Click on the three bars at the top right
  4. Bottom of list click Change Charity
  5. Search Robin’s Hope, tap it to connect.
  • When you walk, run, cycle, click on the app and tap whichever you wish to do and rock that exercise.
  • When done, pull the App up, tap STOP and Finish
  • Workout recorded and we get credit


Donations can also be made using