First Time Here?

Please take some time to fill out our participant packet and sign our participant code of conduct & group guidelines.  This helps you understand what we ask of people attending our groups and to show the importance of safety attending our groups.  Welcome to Robin’s Hope!


So, you ‘ve checked out Robin’s Hope groups and they seem good.  If you want to get more involved, then this is the place.  We will have membership meetings every other month and we may have committees at various times for more involvement.  Maybe you want to facilitate a group or be on a welcome committee or something else.   Reach out to the Robin’s Hope Program Director or any Robin’s Hope intern if you’d like to become more involved.

The next 3 buttons are links to google forms with questionniares.  Robin’s Hope’s mission is to help adults overcome difficult life circumstances and toxic stress through building hope, resilience, and social connection.  These specific questionnaires help us build evidence of what we do at Robin’s Hope.  They can be a lot to take on, so please take them bit by bit.  They are very helpful for us.  We need your name to track it, but it doesn’t go any further than Robin’s Hope.