My story matters because I matter – Brene Brown


After struggling to come up with a good way of introducing interested community partners to the participants at Robin’s Hope while preserving the participant’s privacy, we have arrived at this idea for a monthly blog/newsletter/social media post.  Participants will be invited to share their answers to a set of questions.  They will pair their story with an image that represents them.  This way everyone can share in what we are doing at Robin’s Hope and have a chance to celebrate the amazing folks that hang out with us each week.




How did you first hear about Robin’s Hope?  What does Robin’s Hope mean to you now?

I first started coming to Robin’s Hope through FRIENDS4Recovery. As soon as I came into Robin’s Hope I immediately felt welcome. Everyone was very welcoming and laid back. Now, I see Robin’s Hope as my second family.

 What is your favorite thing about Robin’s Hope?

 My favorite thing about Robin’s Hope is having a place where I feel accepted. I was so comfortable here that I shared my non-binary gender identity with others for the first time. I wouldn’t have been able to do that had I not felt so safe and accepted.

What is one memory of Robin’s Hope that stands out or one accomplishment you have made that stands out for you?

My favorite memory from Robin’s Hope was the Gala. I was able to dance with all my friends and feel comfortable doing so. One accomplishment I’ve achieved is abstaining from self-harm. Self-harming was a coping skill I frequently used. But now, it has been a month and a half since I’ve self-harmed.

What is your favorite group (or most impactful)?  Why?

Art group is definitely my favorite. I love doing anything art related. My favorite thing I made was a half-blue half-pink mask for the Gala.

What makes Robin’s Hope unique?

Everyone is open in groups at Robin’s Hope. I don’t feel like I will be judged for what I share during group time.  Robin’s Hope is my main source of social connection.

What motivates you to come back to Robin’s Hope every week?

When FRIENDS4Recovery closed everything fell apart for me. I lost my sense of support and I thought I was going to kill myself. Now, I have that support system again. I love coming back to see my friends every week.