My story matters because I matter – Brene Brown


After struggling to come up with a good way of introducing interested community partners to the participants at Robin’s Hope while preserving the participant’s privacy, we have arrived at this idea for a monthly blog/newsletter/social media post.  Participants will be invited to share their answers to a set of questions.  They will pair their story with an image that represents them.  This way everyone can share in what we are doing at Robin’s Hope and have a chance to celebrate the amazing folks that hang out with us each week.




How did you first hear about Robin’s Hope?  What does Robin’s Hope mean to you now?

I learned about Robins Hope during my quest for volunteer or internship opportunities.  Robins Hope serves as a beacon of care, support, love, and understanding to people facing difficult circumstances.  


What is one memory of Robin’s Hope that stands out or one accomplishment you have made that stands out for you?

Currently, I am learning more about Robins Hope through the groups and interactions among   my peers.  An accomplishment that stands out for me was my ability to stay at a residential treatment center through Christmas, New Years, and our sons Birthday.  I promised myself to stay there until I knew that I was the healthiest version of me.  The dividends of staying there have comeback a hundred fold.   I think I made the most significant change in myself and have built a resilience that will serve me the rest of my life.


What is your favorite group (or most impactful)?  Why?

I am not sure yet.


What makes Robin’s Hope unique?

Typically, organizations are not specifically focused on trauma and trauma victims/survivors.  I think many trauma survivors have learned to stuff and bury their experiences and are not able to live a the fullest life they deserve.  I am grateful that Robins Hope exists specifically to support, empathize, and help the ones seeking recovery.


What motivates you to come back to Robin’s Hope every week?

I want to learn as much as possible about those that have experienced mental health, addiction, or trauma challenges.  There are many things that one cant learn through a text book.  Hearing about dozens of peoples experiences allows me to listen more and talk less!