Rainy Day Self Care with LGBTQ+ Hope

In LGBTQ+ Hope on Sunday, 10/10 we discussed Rainy Day Self Care. What kinds of self care tasks or activities can you turn to when you’re having a tough day? Maybe you want to change your mood, or you want to sit with your feelings. Either way, caring for yourself is always beneficial. Check out the list we came up with and thoughts we’re discussing next group! Join us Sundays @ 4PM EST on Zoom!

Here’s a list of activities we came up with in the LGBTQ+ Hope group!

Physical Self Care for Rainy Days

Healthy Eats
Cooking for other people
Eating breakfast
Having snacks on hand
Green drinks

Good Sleeps
ASMR! Vids on Youtube!
Fave tv show
Repetitive things
Supplements (research and discuss with providers)
Don’t tough out swirling thoughts, change up activities

Moving Bodies
Up and down stairs
Care tasks
Time outside
Walking while on zoom calls
Combine things you enjoy!
Bed yoga
Physical therapy
Lotion & aromatherapy

Emotional Self Care for Rainy Days

Stress Management
Going to support meetings
Helping people
Breathing exercises (counting 444, 48, 478)
Energizing breaths

Express Yourself
Communicate your feelings to others- let them know what’s going on to set an expectation
Lean into our lesser vices safely
Be authentic to ourselves

Helping people
Solidarity with others
Community work/ volunteering
Struggle with others/ recognize suffering is the common human experience
Compassion for self and others

Spiritual Self Care for Rainy Days

Reading something beautiful
Time with animals
Shower! Cleanse ourselves!
Alone Time
Binge-watching something special
A retreat

Social Self Care for Rainy Days

Connect with friends
Keep friend time on your calendar
Contact friends you haven’t talked to in a while
Positive social media
Boundaries for social media
Support system engagement
Ask for consent before you vent
Attend a support group or meeting

Thoughts for our next group:

How does self care look different as a member of the LGBTQIA+ Community?

Who are the people that you can call on when you’re having a bad day?

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