Virtual Group: Mid-Morning Music With Molly

Join Molly on Wednesdays virtually at 10 am EST for Mid-Morning Music. This group has moved from Saturdays to Wednesdays starting November 3rd!

Mid-Morning Music allows participants to express themselves by sharing music that represents different parts of who they are. The group runs on a 6 week cycle with the following themes:

  • Week One: a song that represents you
  • Week Two: a song that makes you feel hopeful
  • Week Three: a song that makes you wanna move
  • Week Four: a song that means something to you
  • Week Five: a song that helps you cope with negative emotions
  • Week Six: a song that makes you feel empowered

Check Out The Mid-Morning Playlist!

New to Mid-Morning Music? No problem! Here’s how the group works:

  • As you join the meeting, send either a YouTube link to your song, or the title and artist of your song in the chat to the facilitator. (The group goes in order of songs submitted to the facilitator)
  • When it is your turn to share, you will have up to a minute to introduce the song. After the facilitator plays the song on YouTube (via zoom’s screen share), you will have up to three minutes to discuss why you chose that songPlease mute yourself during songs
  • If there is time after everyone has had their turn to check in and talk about their song choice, the facilitator will open the floor to talk about any themes or common threads
  • Questions? Just ask the facilitator! Robin’s Hope facilitators are always ready to help you feel comfortable and safe in our peer-run spaces



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