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The zoom meetings help me connect as my anxiety around people makes it hard for me to leave my home. The variety of the groups is wonderful, as the statement read at the beginning states choose which Robins hope group fits your current needs. I am 30 years sober this may and have been diagnosed with CPTSD. Robin’s Hope has been an incredible place to hear the work others are doing. Which helps me identify my struggles through others stories. Hearing how others have overcome their challenges and what groups have helped has given me hope. Which has made my life lighter and helped me overcome isolation which leads me into debilitating depression and anxiety. I am a caregiver to a son with a Traumatic brain injury, which I first thought made me unique. Yet, everyone at Robins hope has challenges and we have so much more in common that I imagine. The most important thing I forgot to say. The way the other members listen and care about me and each other has helped me begin to care about myself again. Thank you for having this available! Sincerely Member

(Thank you for sharing this with us at Robin’s Hope)

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