LGBT+ Hope Group w/ Ray:

Join us virtually at 2pm Sundays!

Find the zoom link on the Robin’s Hope Virtual Calendar.

LGBT+ Hope Group is a space where LGBTQIA+ individuals can come to share their struggles and successes in life, and learn more about skills and strategies to overcome adversity. This group is open to allies, but focuses on the experiences of those in the community. 

When I think of what has helped be come into myself as a queer and trans person, I think of support and community. It is so common to feel alone in our identities when society’s accepted “normal” is cisgender and heterosexual. I found that finding others who shared my identity, helped me figure out my true self. I can often feel like the world is against me as a transgender person, but then I remember all of the support of my chosen community, and how we come together to build each other up.This group is a space where we can come together and remind each other that we are valid in our identities, and deserve to thrive. 

Currently, the group is going through chapters of The Queer and Trans Resiliency Workbook by Anneliese Singh, discussing topics such as finding yourself, identifying negative messaging, empowering experiences, building self-worth, and more.

I hope you join us soon!

-Ray Ludwig (he/him)

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