Virtual Group: A Space to Grieve and Grow

by Chastain

When I think of a fun fall Saturday morning, I think of spending my time in a grief journaling group. And that isn’t sarcasm. In the United States, Autumn is a time when we allow for loss in the world. In some areas of the country, we lose an hour of daylight and warmth. We understand that this is a time of year when plants and animals retreat, or plan, or slow to prepare for Winter. Autumn is a container for loss that allows for renewal. We understand that this time of year is standard, is a part of things, it is okay.

Why, then, do we question loss in our own lives? Recently, Michael wrote about Radical Acceptance, a tool we use to begin accepting the world’s reality around us for what it is. I offer you this: grief and loss are a natural part of life.

As a human who has experienced trauma, I recognize that trauma is a loss of power- my power. People and events repeatedly took my power. That loss caused feelings of profound grief. Nature says that loss is a normal part of life. But society tells me that grief is a feeling I have a time limit to experience, and then I have to “move on.” Oh no.

Why, then, do we question loss in our own lives? Oh. We are humans in a society. Society is not comfortable with feelings surrounding loss or grief. Society is not comfortable in the cold and change of Autumn. Society struggles with Radical Acceptance. I see. I see. However, nature has perfectly modeled a way to approach these feelings that might overwhelm or cause discomfort. Nature gives us Autumn, a safe container where we accept that loss occurs, and we know growth and renewal are possible.

When I think of a fun fall Saturday morning, I think of spending my time in a grief journaling group. In my free group, A Space to Grieve and Grow, we learn to create safe containers for our feelings of loss. We practice mindfulness and gently delve into discomfort. We ground before and after our journal prompts, and there is time to share feelings that come up. This five-week process can help anyone who has experienced any loss (be it from trauma; the loss of a loved one, pet, job, relationship, etc.) to engage with emotion compassionately.

New to the Group? No problem!

Week One: Grief & Mourning
Week Two: Mourning & Acceptance
Week Three: Acceptance & Persevering
Week Four: Persevering & Soul-Searching
Week Five: Honoring Our Journey

Each Week We’ll:

  • Gather and hear group guidelines
  • Introduce ourselves and briefly share within topic
  • Explore the weekly theme with discussion
  • Ground
  • Journal in silence
  • Share based on the prompts
  • Ground with a visualization
  • Close and enjoy our day!



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Group Information

Name: A Space to Grieve and Grow
Days: Saturdays (Virtual)
Time: 10 AM-12 PM EST

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  1. Hello. I am interested in joining this group. My boyfriend passed October 8, 2021. Do I have to register or anything?

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