Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

This is a great place to look at various frequently asked questions that we receive.  It is not exhaustive and will continue to grow and develop.  There are two section to these faq’s.  There’s the one right under this writing and another group of tabs below that one.  If a question wasn’t answered, then please submit one to Robin’s Hope Email

Group FAQ’s
Newbie FAQ’s
Membership FAQ’s
Forms FAQ’s
Group FAQ’s

  1. Where do I find the calendars of the virtual and in-person groups?  The calendar menu on our website
  2. Where do I find an explanation of the groups?  On the groups menu
  3. Do these groups cost anything? No, these groups are currently free to all who attend.
  4. Why can’t I get into the virtual room? Are you entering in the first 15 minutes? Either the facilitator hasn’t opened the room yet, there was a last minute cancellation of the group,is there a group happening right now, are we closed today, or you are in the waiting room. It’s good to go back to the calendar page and try again. –
  5. Can I just come to the in-person groups at the times that they occur? Yes, our in-person groups currently run from Mondays 12-5pm and Wednesdays 12-8pm. Check our calendars for days closed –

Newbie FAQ’s

  1. What if I am new here? Check out our Join us page on the groups submenu –
  2. Do I have to fill out forms or contact anyone before attending the groups? No, but we do appreciate it if you would fill out a participant packet and sign the code of conduct if you wish to return. You can find these forms on our join us link from the groups submenu –
  3. Where do I find the calendars of the virtual and in-person groups?  The calendar menu on our website
  4. Where do I find an explanation of the groups?  On the groups menu
  5. Do these groups cost anything? No, these groups are currently free to all who attend.
  6. Can I just come to the in-person groups at the times that they occur? Yes, our in-person groups currently run from Mondays 12-5pm and Wednesdays 12-8pm. Check our calendars for days closed –
  7. What’s the address? 9513 Hull Street Road, Suite A, North Chesterfield, VA 23236
  8. What’s the phone number for Robin’s Hope?  (804) 608-9389


Membership FAQ’s

  1. What are the benefits of being a member?  Being a member means that you have a shared interest  at Robin’s Hope.  You find that the groups are very helpful and you want a voice to help in the growth and ongoing development of Robin’s Hope (Diversity Committee, Fundraising, Event Planning) or just want to remain up to date with all the happening here at Robin’s Hope.  You become officially a part of the Healing Heard.
  2. Where’s the member form?  and you can find all the member, new person, forms, etc at
  3. Do I have to be a member?  No, you don’t need to be a member.
  4. What are the surveys found at the bottom of the join us page?  These surveys are designed best to be taken every 6 months.  They focus on our mission providing connection, inspiring hope, and promoting resilience.  We hope to offer a way for you to see your scores in the future, but if you took it and want to see if there was a change, then email Heather Pate and ask for the scores.  They will eventually help us prove the work we do here at Robin’s Hope our impact in these three areas.
  5. I heard there is a member meeting every other month.  What is the purpose of that?  Our governing board oversees the legal and financial aspects for all of the Jeremiah Foundation, Inc. which includes two programs (Inner Touch and Robin’s Hope).  Due to the sensitive nature of Inner Touch Jeremiah Foundation, Inc. is not open to all at Robin’s Hope.  The member meetings are a way for members to be engaged in the growth of the organization and offer feedback that builds the program.  These meetings take place the fourth Thursday of every other month.  March was our  most recent one and our next one will be in May.  You can find details of the minutes and agenda here –

Forms FAQ’s

We have a number of different forms that an individual can go to so that you can share some of your own stories, recovery, recipes, etc..  This FAQ’s offers an explanation to a number of these forms that you can engage in.

  1. Comment Card – This is a great form to fill out if you have a concern, comment, or complaint.  We do ask attendees to attempt to work through a matter in the group or with the facilitator of the group especially when it concerns another individual that was in that group.  You are also welcome to fill this out if you feel you see an org/program related concern.  Please give as much detail as possible. 
  2. Share Ideas – Do you have a neat idea or project that you would like to share or support, then please feel free to share here.  This doesn’t mean that all ideas wiil be acted on, but it will allow for more discussion about it.  We will let you know if this is something feasible currently or not.
  3. Blog Posts – Our blog posts are evolving.  If you have something you want to share on our blog in relation to Robin’s Hope, connection, healing, hope, resilience, groups, etc, then please feel free to fill this form out.  If approved and accepted, then we will post it.  This may require us to make some grammatical adjustments as needed and we will post them anonymously.
  4. Recipe Submissions – Do you have a favorite recipe that you would like to share to add to our future Robin’s Hope Recipe Book?  This is a great place to submit them.
  5. Hope Heroes – Would you like to be a Hope Hero?  We have a few questions about your thoughts about our groups and ask for an image to represent you.  We share this out on our email list (people receiving them love getting these.  We also share them on our website hope heroes page under the news tab in our menu.
  6. Member Impact Testimonials – Do you have a recovery, resilience, or growth story that involves Robin’s Hope?  This is the form to submit.
  7. Ask Brahma – Our mascot is Brahma, the no drama, trauma llama.  Do you have a question that you want Brahma to ask about trauma, resilience, Robin’s Hope, connection, llama facts, and more?  Our hope is that this will turn into a Video Blog or added to our Blogs under the news tab in our menu.

Board FAQ’s
Volunteer FAQ’s
PRS Intern FAQ’s
Llama FAQ’s
Board FAQ’s

  • What’s the point of the board? The governing board oversees the legal and financial management of Jeremiah Foundation, Inc.
  • Is the governing board for Robin’s Hope?  The governing board oversees the legal and financial processes for all of Jeremiah Foundation, Inc. involving two programs Inner Touch and Robin’s Hope.  The member meetings are a place to give a voice to the membership and to celebrate members at Robin’s Hope.
  • Who are the board members?  Our board members are all available under the ‘About Us’ tab in our menu.
  • What if I want to tell the board my issue directly?  The Program Director and Executive Director are responsible for handling all program and member issues.
  • Is there diversity on our board?  Yes, there is some diversity on our board.  We have someone identified as LGBTQIA+, 1 self-identifying male, 1 of Asian Descent, 2 People of Color with a total of 7 self-identifying females.  We continue to build on the diversity of our board both individually as people and in the skills provided to the organization.  These are all people that spend countless hours volunteering time behind the scenes to support Jeremiah Foundation, Inc. as a 501c3 Non-Profit.  We thank our board members.
  • How do I become a member of the board?  We welcome individuals to submit an application to the board.  There a lot of aspects that go into determining if an applicant is qualified for our board.  Board members are chosen by skills, interests, and a number of other qualities.  You can contact Heather Pate and request a board application.

Volunteer FAQ’s

  1. How do I start the volunteer process at Robin’s Hope?. All volunteers are required to attend a minimum of two groups before having a discussion with the Executive Director, Program Director, or Board Chair.  We also ask that you reach out to us at Robin’s Hope Email and share your unique skills you would like to apply here at Robin’s Hope.
  2. I haven’t heard from anyone.  What do I do?  Please kindly send us another email.  We have a lot going on and we get a lot of emails.  We ask that you not take that personally.

PRS Intern FAQ’s

This is a great place to learn about our PRS Internships.  More questions will become available as they develop.  The internship is designed to be more of a stepping stone for someone to identify their own future PRS goals.

  1. How do I become an intern?  PRS Interns take the 72-Hour DBHDS PRS Class and apply for the internship.  All training and internship questions are directed to the upcoming Operations & Training Director Heather Pate to inquire further about the full on-boarding process.
  2. How do I know if there are new PRS Interns coming to the groups?  All PRS Interns and Volunteers are required to attend a minimum of two groups prior to submitting an application or discussing next steps. They will acknowledge themselves as a new prs intern and/or volunteer in the groups.
  3. Why do interns leave?  Why don’t they stay?  The whole purpose of the PRS Internships is to provide education and practice for individuals who have taken the 72-Hour DBHDS PRS Class and are seeking certification.  An intern signs a contract to complete their hours according to their availability.  They get extra supervision and development as well as practice.  Once an intern has completed their 500 hours, then they meet with the Training Director and walk them through the process of certification including any needed support for the state exam.  As long as an individual completes their hours in good standing, then they will receive a letter of reference and all necessary documents to get certification and/or move to another program or position.  If an intern reaches their 500 hours and choose to move forward, then we ask how they would like to proceed in saying goodbyes and/or celebrations.  Each intern has their own personal comfort level and choice and we want to respect that.  It is not the place of Robin’s Hope to inform anyone of the reason for the departure.  The intern is free to share whatever they feel comfortable with sharing.

Llama FAQ’s

  1. What’s the llama’s name? Brahma the no drama trauma llama
  2. Why a llama? Because it’s cool! And it’s a reminder that we can have fun while also healing the not so fun parts of life.
  3. Do we need more llama’s in our office?  No, we have quite a few over the last few years, but send us pictures of ones you find at Robin’s Hope General Email

Did You Know…

  • Llama’s protect the animals around them and taken them in as their herd or as we call it the ‘heard’.
  • Llama’s only spit when they feel threatened.