Episode 2: Walk it Out

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It’s National Recovery Month and the Start Healing Project is celebrating with stories of hope and resilience through recovery from substance use. In each episode, we’ll be asking our guests what recovery means to them, what life was like before recovery, and what life is like now. 

This week, Chastain & Molly talked to Sarah, who has been in recovery for over three decades. Sarah She gives us a look at how trusting her recovery process has been her way forward. She has this to say about her recovery, “Walk it out. Feel the feelings. Trust the that the process . In my experience, the danger and harm was never in moving forward, but in the avoidance.”

Resources Mentioned

This podcast is brought to you by Robin’s Hope in partnership with SAARA of Virginia and DBHDS’s Office of Recovery Services.

Episode Transcript

A transcript will be available soon! Please check back while we work to make this episode accessible. 

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