DBT group- Self validation and self respect

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The DBT skills group is led by Michael on Thursdays at 6PM.

My healing began when I started DBT. I had struggled for years to control my emotions, have healthy relationships, and have any quality of life. DBT is what gave me my power back. Sitting in Michael’s group and being able to witness the power of peer support while teaching the skills has been phenomenal. There is a feeling of safety and community in that space.

Last weeks skill was Self validation and Self respect. This is a very important skill that can take a while to master. Quite often I found myself degrading myself for the emotions I felt. I had a hard time accepting my emotions because I thought they were invalid. Over the years I have learned that all emotions are valid, but sometimes our actions are not.

It is important to take accountability for behavior that is not effective. It gives us a feeling of satisfaction within ourselves and also helps build healthy relationships and communication. Sometimes its hard to take responsibility because we feel shame and guilt, but being accountable can also let us know we are moving in the right direction and bettering ourselves!

Its important to work to change our invalid responses. In my experience, I often placed blame instead of working to find a solution. That was not an effective response because I stayed stuck and nothing was changing.

It is helpful to remember that everyone is doing the best we can given our circumstances.

Please take time to validate the valid and work to change the invalid this week!

“where there is willingness, there is a way”

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