Peer Run Programs

Robin’s Hope is a Peer Run Program. 

People have gathered together to offer each other mutual support for decades. Robin’s Hope is a dedicated safe space to encourage each other to develop skills for living well, build hope, resilience, and connection with one another.

Here’s a link from the Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services (DBHDS) to a presentation that is helpful in understanding more about the history of Peer Run Programs, the Role of the Peer Recovery Specialist, Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), and how programs are helpful to the individuals coming, reduce hospitalizations, save money, empower individuals to develop ownership of their own recoveries, and increase the possibility of long-term recovery from trauma, life, and various other behavioral health challenges.  It makes sense to have and support Peer Run Programs.

By definition, at least a majority of the decision makers at peer-run programs are people with lived experience of mental health challenges.  That means at least 51% of the voting Board of Directors identify as peers.

This independent governance structure is core to healthy and effective peer-run programs because it mirrors recovery values of choice, self-direction, empowerment and personal responsibility.

The information provided can be referenced from VOCAL Virginia’s Website.