A Story of Recovery With Donna

Donna, a long time Robin’s Hope member shared with us how Robin’s Hope supported her recovery.

1. How has your recovery evolved since coming to Robin’s Hope? 

o Robin’s hope has saved my life. If I had not stumbled across Robin’s Hope, I firmly believe that I would not be alive today. Last year around the holidays, I was literally planning on ending my life by Christmas because it was too painful and overwhelming to even think about spending another year as hopeless and alone as I was. Then, I was talking to a therapist one day and they told me to look into Robin’s Hope and I thought to myself, “Ok, I guess I’ll go just once to prove that I am hopelessly damaged, and no one can help me, and then I’ll kill myself.” Well from that very first day, I was overwhelmed with the amount of care, compassion, support, and encouragement from all the participants and the staff. And before too long, I had found people that truly understood what I had been through and what I was struggling with but also that could celebrate each little triumph that comes as well! Before Robin’s Hope, I could truly say that I had never found anywhere in my life where I felt safe and like I belonged, but at Robin’s Hope, both of those are true. I have gained essential skills to not only help me to manage the pain of my past trauma, but also to improve my quality of life in general. For the first time in my life, I can say, I don’t want to die- I want to live and get better so that I can help others the way I have been helped too! 

2. What have you learned at Robin’s Hope that has helped you? 

o I have learned a lot of great tools that I definitely use on a daily basis but I have also learned that it’s ok to struggle and to ask for help and that I am worth the effort, and that my needs, experiences, and emotions are valid too! I also have learned that it is possible to hope for a better life and that I can be safe here. I also learned that people here don’t think I am a freak and that I can belong somewhere and be heard somewhere and that I am not too broken to be helped. 

3. What words would you say to someone beginning their healing journey?

o NEVER STOP fighting because you are worth fighting for, and you never have to be alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because you are definitely worth it and your needs and feelings and struggles are definitely valid, and you CAN do this!

-Donna, Robin’s Hope Member

If you’d like to share your recovery story with us and others in our community reach out to michaeljd@robinshope.com, your story can be a step to help others find their path.

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